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Meeting with Daniel Glaser, Embassy of the United States of America

May 22, 2023    Reading Time: < 1 minute

Reading Time: < 1 min read

On Monday, 22nd May 2023, representatives of the Embassy of the United States of America visited LKI to discuss the future of US-Sri Lanka relations. Daniel Glaser, Second Secretary of the Office of Political Affairs in New Delhi, travelled from India to learn more about Sri Lanka’s bilateral relationships with China, India and the United States of America.

The Executive Director (Actg.) began the meeting by outlining LKI’s crucial role in supporting Sri Lanka’s bilateral relationships. Mr. Glaser opened the discussion with important questions around Sri Lanka’s economic recovery strategy, trade and investment with the U.S, the recent IMF agreement and the future of the Chinese Belt & Road Initiative. LKI also discussed Sri Lanka’s unique relationship with India and their vital role in supporting Sri Lanka’s medium-term growth strategy. 

LKI are delighted to have welcomed Mr. Glaser to the institute and look forward to supporting his team’s work in the future.

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