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Dr. Ganeshan Wignaraja, Chair of the Global Economy Programme at LKI, was invited to speak at first Colombo Club Members’ Day Luncheon Meeting for this year, on 20 February 2018. Dr Wignaraja made his presentation titled “Is Singapore Sri Lanka’s Door to East Asia?” to 150 members of the Colombo Club.

Dr Wignaraja spoke about the recently signed Sri Lanka-Singapore Free Trade Agreement (SLSFTA), and how Sri Lanka must position itself to draw benefits from the bilateral agreement. Dr. Wignaraja noted that despite cordial diplomatic relations between Sri Lanka and Singapore for several decades, Sri Lanka has yet to realise economic benefits from the relationship. Dr. Wignaraja highlighted that the SLSFTA can provide maximum benefits for Sri Lanka by using Singapore as a gateway towards an economic relationship with ASEAN economies; and attracting Singaporean inward investment and expertise in key areas of urban planning, infrastructure development, and tourism.

The event was attended by leaders of the private and public sectors, including corporate executives, sectoral experts, industry practitioners, government ministers and academics.


The Colombo Club, established in 1871, is one of Asia’s oldest members’ clubs and the second oldest in Sri Lanka; their main objective being the pursuit of social discourse.

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