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LKI was pleased to have Dr. Christian Wagner, Head of the Research Division (Asia) at the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP) in Berlin, present at a foreign policy round table on “India and China in South Asia: New challenges and opportunities for the region.”

Dr. Wagner shared his views on the relative roles of India and China in South Asia and shed light on the political, economic and security aspects of these countries’ engagement with other countries in the region. His presentation covered transitions in India’s foreign policy, including the Gujral Doctrine, the Manmohan Doctrine, and the current Modi Doctrine. He compared and contrasted this evolution to the shift in China’s foreign policy focus to trade-related relations, especially through its One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative. To view the Powerpoint of Dr. Wagner’s presentation, click here.

The foreign policy round table was attended by representatives from think tanks, civic organisations , the Foreign Ministry, diplomatic corps, and the private sector. The presentation was followed by an engaging discussion on topics including ‘soft’ security and soft power, the relative military and economic contributions that China and India have provided Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka’s regional position in South Asia and the Indian Ocean rim, and emerging cooperation between India and China.

Many thanks to the German Embassy in Sri Lanka for their support in facilitating this round table at LKI.


Photos: Fluke, by Ruvin de Silva

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