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A new batch of expats receive dual citizenship. Image Credit:

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Government to set criteria for senior appointments to SOE’s

The cabinet of ministers has approved a plan to set criteria for the appointment of board members and chairmen to state-owned enterprises.

It has been proposed that the criteria be based on professional and management experience, maximum age limits, provisions for prevention of conflicts of interest and disqualifications.

More expats receive dual citizenship

The Minister of Internal Affairs, S.B Navinne, presented a further 1500 expatriates with dual citizenship certificates.

The government resumed granting dual citizenship to selected candidates on 30th April last year  following a 4 year lapse.

US embassy launches interview waiver programme

The United States embassy in Colombo has launched an interview waiver programme for eligible applicants from Sri Lanka.

According to an embassy statement, the programme allows eligible applicants to renew their visas without requiring them to appear for an interview. The waiver, however, is only applicable to applicants who have previously travelled to the US.


Candidates to pitch for UN top seat

Candidates running for the position of Secretary-General will be required to take part in a public campaign, for the first time in the history of the UN.

Currently, eight prominent figures, primarily hailing from Eastern Europe, with half of them being women, have declared their candidacy for the position.

John Kerry visits Hiroshima

The US Secretary of State, John Kerry, has highlighted the importance of working towards a nuclear free world, during a recent visit to Hiroshima.

Kerry became the first US Secretary of State to visit the city, where 140,000 people died as a results of the atomic bomb that was dropped by the United States in August 1945.

Brazilian Congressional Committee votes in favour of impeachment proceedings

The 65 member congressional committee of Brazil has voted in favour of carrying forward impeachment proceedings against President Dilma Rousseff.

The congressional committee voted 38 to 27 to recommend impeachment over claims that President Rousseff manipulated government accounts to hide a growing deficit. The issue has divided Brazil, with police preparing for mass protests in the capital, Brasilia.

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