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President of Pakistan, Mamnoon Hussain, arrives in Sri Lanka. Image credit -

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President marks International Women’s Day

Speaking at the National programme to mark International Women’s Day, President Sirisena pledged that the government will take the lead in protecting women’s rights and benefits.

The President added that women, who form 52% of the population, are now becoming actively engaged in the social, economic, political and cultural spheres in society.

President of Pakistan in Sri Lanka

The President of Pakistan, Mamnoon Hussain, arrived in Sri Lanka yesterday, on an official state visit.

The Pakistani president met with President Sirisena at the Presidential Secretariat for a discussion.

Local team in South Africa studying reconciliation process

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mangala Samaraweera, informed the Parliament yesterday that a technical team is presently in South Africa to study the post-Apartheid truth and reconciliation process. 

The Minister said that, while the experience of the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission will be studied, the reconciliation process for Sri Lanka will be tailor-made to suit local needs.


Slovenia and Croatia closes borders to transiting migrants

Slovenia and Croatia have decided to prohibit the passing of migrants through their borders. The aim of this move is to close the Balkan route, popularly used by migrants.

Asylum seekers and persons with clear humanitarian needs will be exempt from the prohibition and allowed to enter.

Canadian note to feature a woman

The Canadian government has announced that nominations are being received to represent a woman on the new Canadian banknote. The move seeks to celebrate and recognize the achievements of women.

According to the Canadian Finance Minister, Bill Morneau, although Queen Elizabeth II appears on a banknote, women are still “largely unrepresented” in Canadian banknotes.

The Pentagon proposes action against IS in Libya

The Pentagon has presented a detailed plan to the White House with military options for attacking the Islamic State (IS) in Libya.

The options include a range of potential airstrikes on training camps, command centers, munition depots and other militant targets. Libya is considered the most powerful IS base besides Syria and Iraq.

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