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President Obama has nominated a new Supreme Court judge. Image credit - steveheap/depositphotos

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Sri Lanka to consider EXIM bank

The Commonwealth Secretariat, in a bid to stimulate local exports, has begun developing an initial framework to set up an Export-Import bank for Sri Lanka.

The Commonwealth Secretariat Head of Trade Competitiveness, Dr. Rashmi Banga, stated that the first concept paper has been submitted to the government.

EU to provide €38 million grant

The European Union has agreed to provide a €38 million grant for the implementation of two development programmes. 

The funds will be allocated towards integrated rural development in the Central and Uva provinces and trade-related assistance.

Parliament seeks accountability for power cuts

In the wake of continued power cuts across the island, Parliament plans to present a bill regarding the accountability of engineers and related officials during such outages.

The new bill was instigated by the alleged lack of responsibility taken by personnel for the recent power failures.


Lula Da Silva returns as Chief of Staff

The Brazilian President, Dilma Rousseff has appointed her predecessor, Lula Da Silva, as her new Chief of Staff.

President Rousseff refuted the claims that the move was an attempt to shield the ex-president from corruption allegations, and stated that his arrival will “strengthen the government.”

Global carbon-dioxide emissions have stabilised

The International Energy Agency has stated that global carbon-dioxide emissions, from burning fossil fuels, have remained stable for two consecutive years.

It also revealed a decline in emissions from the world’s biggest economies, the United States and China.

President Obama nominates Supreme Court judge

President Obama has nominated Merrick Garland to be the 113th Supreme Court justice of the United States.

The nomination was made despite the objections by Republican-presidential candidates, who claim that the next president should make the nomination.

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