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February 18, 2016    Reading Time: 2 minutes

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Court orders Apple to relax encryption for U.S. officials. Image Credit - evgenyataman/depositphotos

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President invites Sri Lankan expatriates to return

President Maithripala Sirisena, speaking at a press conference in Germany, has extended an open invitation for expatriate Sri Lankans living in Germany to return to Sri Lanka.

The President also commented on the ties between Germany and Sri Lanka, which have been strengthened through development aid and cooperation.

United Kingdom official reiterates need to eliminate corruption

Head of Trade and Investment in the United Kingdom, Gary Leslie, has stated that it is vital to address corruption in order to enhance foreign direct investment.

He reiterated that Sri Lanka must pay greater attention to the link between transparency and investor confidence.

New Zealand Premier to visit Sri Lanka

New Zealand Prime Minister, John Key, will be visiting Sri Lanka between the 24th and 26th of February.

The visit underlines the development of relations between the two countries, especially in the areas of commerce and governance. According to Key, Sri Lanka has “a range of exciting opportunities” to offer New Zealand trade.


Presidential elections underway in Uganda

The Ugandans have begun casting their ballots to elect the country’s next President.

President Yoweri Museveni faces a strong challenge from former physician, Kizza Besigye, in his attempt to extend his 30-year rule.

Armed rebels leave for Syria from Turkey

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has stated that at least five hundred “armed rebels” have left Turkey for Syria this week.

According to the UK-based monitoring group, the rebels have left for the town of Azaz in northern Aleppo, to support opposition forces which have lost ground at the hands of the Kurds.

Apple ordered to permit decryption of device

A court order has decreed that Apple must allow United States’ officials to decrypt the device of a gunman involved with a shooting in San Bernardino, California

The court’s ruling has added to the ongoing debate between the United States and Apple over privacy regulations, in which the former has urged relaxation of built-in encryption in Apple devices. The ruling may have global repercussions.

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