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A Commonwealth report encouraged more gender balance in representation. Image credit -

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Commonwealth urges more female representation in governance

A report presented by the Commonwealth Observer Group, following the general elections last year, noted that only ten members of the Sri Lankan Parliament are women.

The report suggested the use of mandatory quotas for nomination of women, to increase female representatives in Parliament.

Premier expresses hope in Sri Lanka’s potential for investment

Speaking at the Sri Lanka Investment Conference in Davos, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, said that Sri Lanka is on its way to re-establishing its identity as the trade and economic hub of Asia. 

He commented on the government’s plan to attain this goal, describing it as “formal and systematic.”

Magistrate court orders arrest of BBS leader

The Homagama Magistrate ordered that Gnanasara Thero, chief of the Bodu Bala Sena group be arrested.

Among other charges, he was accused of obstructing justice in the case of missing journalist Prageeth Ekneligoda, by threatening his wife inside the court premises.


President of Afghanistan vows to “bury” the IS militant group

The President of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani, told reporters that the Islamic State has “confronted the wrong people” in clashing with their government troops.

He also called for a response at regional level, due to strong Islamic State activity in the Nangarhar province of Afghanistan.

Thermal expansion of oceans likely to be worse than expected

Researchers assert that the rise in ocean levels caused by the warming and expansion of oceans is likely to have been underestimated.

According to research, the rise in sea level could possibly be twice as much as previously estimated, causing storms of great severity.

Severe drought threatens Ethiopia

The charity, Save the Children, urged leaders of the African Union to take action, in wake of the worst drought Ethiopia has seen in 50 years, which has left 10% of its population starving.

Despite its recent momentum in development, the drought has left Ethiopia competing with  conflict-ridden areas in Africa for donor attention.

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