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Robyn Mudie, Australian High Commissioner called on the Army Commander yesterday. Image Credit -

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Sri Lanka-Japan policy dialogue to commence today

The Sri Lanka-Japan policy dialogue between the Foreign Ministries of the two countries will commence today at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The dialogue is aimed at improving bilateral economic cooperation.

Australian High Commissioner calls on Army Chief

Australian High Commissioner, Robyn Mudie and Defence Advisor to the Australian High Commission  called on Army commander Lieutenant General Chrishantha De Silva yesterday.

A cordial exchange took place regarding the ongoing Army welfare projects in the North and East.

Premier invited to Annual Meeting of Global Economic Forum in Switzerland

The Sri Lankan Prime Minister has been invited to the Annual Meeting of the Global Economic Forum, for the first time.

The event takes place next week in Switzerland and convenes leading businessmen, international leaders, intellectuals and the media.


Aid convoys reach besieged Madaya

Aid convoys with food and medical supplies have reached the besieged Syrian town of Madaya, where many are reportedly dying from starvation.

The Syrian army, which besieged the town of Madaya has been widely condemned by the global community after reports of starvation started emerging.

Afghanistan peace talks commence

A “four-way” session of peace talks between Pakistan, Afghanistan, China and the United States of America took place in order to ascertain measures to realize a peaceful settlement between Afghan and the Taliban.

The previous peace talk ended inconclusively, as the Taliban withdrew from negotiations following the death of their Chief.

Oil firm in the United Kingdom to lay off up to 4000 employees due to decrease in oil prices

BP, oil company in the United Kingdom is to cut 4000 jobs in wake of the continuing drop in oil prices.

The firm hopes to keep up competitiveness and sustainability despite oil price drop.

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