The International Monetary Fund’s New Extended Fund Facility Arrangement for Sri Lanka

LKI’s Michael Iveson explains the International Monetary Fund's New Extended Fund Facility arrangement and summarises the major structural reforms required to restore long-term macroeconomic stability in Sri Lanka.

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The Regulation of Foreign Investments in Sri Lanka: A Policy-Based Perspective

Dr. Naazima Kamardeen and Dr. Dinusha Panditaratne examine Sri Lanka’s experience with foreign investment litigation in international tribunals.

Port City SEZ - A catalyst for Modern Services in Sri Lanka

The LKI report ‘’Port City SEZ – A Catalyst for Modern Services in Sri Lanka” explores Sri Lanka’s position as a modern services hub, global and local scenarios that might shape the evolution of Port City and insights from advanced, services-based and established SEZs for developing Sri Lanka’s policy regime for Port City.

Chinese Investment and the BRI in Sri Lanka

With China increasing its soft power and foreign aid during the COVID-19 pandemic, Sri Lanka’s experience of BRI projects provides useful lessons for others. See this recently published Chatham House paper on Chinese Investment and the BRI in Sri Lanka.

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